Every new product has a unique story, characterized by a ‘design journey’ full of interesting ideas, twists and turns and crucial choices, where all that is normally considered obvious shall be questioned. Elica company has a strong inclination towards design, meant as The ‘trait d’union’ between vision, technology and creativity, which involves both past and future. Every product is the result of complex and articulated activities aimed at producing a simple outcome, that is immediately understandable and ‘communicative’ and where designing, balance and attention to detail and shapes enhance emotions.

At Elica, design “defines”, thus giving its products a Meaning, a goal, and a mission.

Elica’s history is the story of an Italian company, which has Overtaken national boundaries over the years. The company is A well-appreciated and sought – after symbol of made in Italy, Quality, know- how, and design. Elica is synonymous with very High- tech products world-wide. It is also appreciated for those Ethical values that have always been the cornerstones of its History . Global player in the reference market, Elica is market Leader in the field of hoods and motors for heating boilers.

Today, Elica is a multinational company that combines the Uniqueness of the individual with cultures from various Countries. The sharing of company values is the dynamics that Allows to weave relationships between people who work in Very distant countries. The result is great individual motivation Blended with strong team spirit, a friendly work environment That contributes enhancing and bringing together very Different professional skills shared values: love our clients, Innovative thinking, involve Anyone who works in Elica, have and convey energy, always fix New goals, be curious, never stop Learning, have the desire to win.

Elica represents the Background of knowledge That is part of its productive And commercial network in the World. Founded in Fabriano, the heart and roots of the company, Elica Has become the world leader in the production of hoods and a Symbol of ethical and empathic teamwork. Its international character, along with its widespread presence In various countries worldwide, allow Elica to provide products And services at a global level, thus meeting the needs related to Different ways of ‘living’ the house and cooking.

Elica has developed an innovation method That blends different approaches: listen To the client, meet their requirements and Foresee their needs, thus creating new Market trends. The implementation of these Different approaches is only possible thanks to techonology, that may lead to Extraordinary innovation or represent Everyday inspiration.

The only laboratory in the world dedicated to kitchen hoods, Representing a global bench-mark for studies on acoustics, in Particular. It is here where the latest technologies are studied, Designed, created and tested. They are the core of each Product we will choose to install in our homes. Existing products and technologies are Upgraded and future ones invented in our laboratory.

Our daily work is focused on: very high aspiration speed; Different kinds of living spaces and usage needs; noise level Maximum reduction; very strong tests on material wear; Éclairage of cook-tops and even entire rooms, thanks to the Hood itself. Our goal is to create and manufacture the best products Available on the market. The experience and Dedication of our Laboratory technicians And specialists in the Field, blend together In a single journey Characterized by Satisfaction and passion: A combination of key

Factors that enters Homes all over the globe. Elica bases its activities on an authentic and original culture Of innovation, thanks to the support of various disciplines. Engineers, physicists, and chemists work – thinking and Working – in the elica laboratory, who also collaborate with Universities, national and international research centers And inter-company associations. Elica has been one of the founding partners of homelab, the italian research Association on home automation, since 2011. In 2013, the elica laboratory was granted the ilac-accredia Certification for the expertise in performing specific Certification, inspection, test and calibration activities, aimed at Releasing certifications which are valid internationally.

This certification ensures the expertise, Independence, impartiality, and transparency of Activities carried out in the laboratory. Elica propulsion laboratory also manages and checks tests Carried out in the Mexican laboratory in Quéretaro, and in the Chinese laboratory in Shengzou.