How To Choose a Style For Your Kitchen


If you’ve just moved into a new house and want to change the kitchen before you really live in it or before you start to renovate your kitchen, you first have to decide on a style for your kitchen. This is the fun part of any renovation project, doing the research and looking for interesting ideas that you can use. So how do you go about choosing a style for your kitchen?

Initially the style that you choose will depend on your taste and your personality. Whether you like bold colours, modern or classic colours will play a role. You will also have to consider the space available like how big the interior is in terms of square metres. This will determine the layout.

For a modern style black and white is minimalistic and elegant. To make this style work, you can opt for white gloss kitchen cabinets along with white and grey marble countertops. The floor could be a grey marble tile. For the touch of black you can get black kitchen appliances. So imagine your white gloss interior with a black toaster, black kettle, black blender and black stove as well as a black Italian designer cooker hood all in a high gloss finish.

If you like a more bold style you can choose a main colour scheme such as royal blue with touch of chrome. All the kitchen cabinets can be installed with a glossy royal blue finish. The countertops in white granite will break the blue colour and add depth to the space. The door handles can be chrome and the appliances in a silver finish to give it an elegant bold appearance. Picture the kettle, toaster, oven, stove and extractor fan in silver; beautiful elegance.

If you like the traditional style, this would normally be mainly a wooden look. The cabinetry in the kitchen would all be wood and brown in colour. The countertops can have a different look with dark or black granite countertops. Kitchen appliances that normally complement this traditional style would generally be the steel or silver appliances. Usually if you have a longing towards the kitchen you grew up with then the traditional kitchen would appeal to your personality. It would bring back childhood memories and you can create those same wonderful memories with your children.

A vintage style kitchen is another option which has elements of the farm kitchen with a worn wood and lived in appearance. The cabinetry can be brushed with paint so that it looks like it has a worn look. For this look you can get kitchen appliances that have nostalgic designs which is indicated by the curved edges and bulky design. You can opt for these kitchen appliances in a beige colour to complement the vintage style of the cabinetry.

There are four main styles that you can choose from and each one can be tailored to suit your personality. You can choose the colours that you love and the materials that you prefer to complete the look of the kitchen.

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