Om Air

10 years after its launch, Elica revisits Om, the first vertical hood in the world that made the history of the brand, built around the elegant and basic shapes of the square and the circle.
Om Air renews the unique style of an iconic item that presents itself today with an exclusive design, studied in detail and enriched with a cutting edge technology which increases its performance and energy efficiency.
In black or white glass, with perimeter aspiration and possibility of installation in back aspiration, Om Air is enriched with an innovative polyurethane anti-odor filter and LED strip lights.
Om Air is an ergonomic item, a style reference, a perfect synthesis of design and technology.



Size: 75cm
Finish: White, Black, Nature
Version: Recycling
Controls: Touch control 3S
Lighting: Strip LED 7w 4000K
Min-Max Airflow: 300-900 M³/h
Min-Max Noise Level: 42-60 db(A)
Total Absorption: 247W
Duct Size: 150mm
Grease Filter polyurethane &
Charcoal Filter
Filter: CFC0038668


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