The Features of the Interstellar Extractor Hood


The Interstellar Extractor Hood is a unique Italian designer cooker hood that is taking the world by storm. It clearly changes the way we look at the functionality and the design of the cooker hood that is normally placed above the stove. It adds glamour in whole other way in the kitchen space.

Here are the features of the Interstellar Extractor Hood.

Firstly, when you first glance at this cooker hood the last thing you think of is extractor fan. That might sound like a strange thing to say but it’s true. At first glance you would think that you were looking at a glamorous crystal chandelier. It is adorned with glass crystals and is suspended from the ceiling much like that of a chandelier. The Interstellar Extractor Hood is a large rounded feature that is covered in either black or clear glass crystals. So you have the choice of two colours. It is a stunning piece that makes for a sophisticated focal point in your kitchen.

However, it is not just a pretty hood. The Interstellar Extractor Hood features wraparound lighting that is created by LED strips, which regulates the brightness. The LED ring enables the light to be directed perfectly onto the cook top. There is a sensor that is installed in the cooker hood that automatically detects the type of cooking being done as well as the quantity of vapours emitted. The sensor will calibrate the level of the aspiration needed.

This unit is one that hangs from the ceiling so accessing it manually would be a difficulty but the designers have thought of the convenience factor. So it comes with a remote control that allows you to access every feature with ease and convenience. Furthermore, the aesthetic part of the unit can be disassembled in three parts which can be washed in a dishwasher. Plus you can remove the filters easily with the use of magnets.

The Interstellar Extractor Hood is 65 centimetres in width which makes it large enough to be placed above a 4 plate or 6 plate stove. It boasts an energy class level A with a total absorption of 134 watts and a noise level of only 53 decibels. This unit is ideal for placement above a kitchen island. So if you have a stove that is installed in the kitchen island then hanging this beautiful feature above it will add a touch of glamour. 

This cooker hood has a grease aluminium filter that is included as well as a long life filter. It is designed with both art and function in mind. When you’ve spent a lot of work on creating your dream kitchen you want to be able to enjoy it, both aesthetically but also functionally. The whole point is to add elements of style and convenience so that you can enjoy your cooking experience more and also have a wonderful dining experience with family or family in your kitchen. It’s all about living your best life and enjoying time with those close to you.  

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