The Future of Kitchen Extractor Fans


We all know of kitchen extractor fans as these rectangular shaped units over the stove. Traditionally they have mostly taken the same type of form but it looks like this is going to change in the future. And the future is now. Extractor fans are taking different forms and shapes while becoming more powerful and functional.

A very interesting design that has come afore is the one that looks like a chandelier. Yes, a kitchen extractor fan that looks like a crystal chandelier. It is called the Interstellar and it has been designed with crystals in a bold oval shape. It includes lights and the powerful extractor air function. At first glance you would think that it is a chandelier but this unit would be placed over the stove as an extractor fan would. This is one design that will give modern kitchens that sophisticated look.

Another design that is quite captivating is the one that has a cone shape. The Juno extractor is a large bold unit that is designed in the shape of an upside down cone. It comes in a black gloss finish or a silver finish to suit your kitchen’s design. It hangs effortlessly from the ceiling with a few cables that can barely be seen because it’s not bulky at all. It creates the effect that the extractor is floating in the air. It looks rather elegant and mesmerising when you glance at it.

A remarkable design that captivates many people is the one where the extractor can be retracted into the kitchen counter when it is not in use. So it is not visible in the kitchen until you choose to use it. Then you can press a button and the extractor unit will rise out of the counter top and be vertical. And it works marvellously, even at this perpendicular angle. This one is called the Pandora.

A design that is sleek with a minimalistic appeal is the Seashell which is essentially an oval shape with a gloss finish and the extractor fan is on the inside. The beautifully curved design of the Seashell extractor is elegant and modern. It also features a light which is really useful when cooking. The beauty of this extractor is that it comes in three main colours which include a silver or chrome colour as well as white and black, all of which have a high gloss finish.

For a unique shape to enhance your kitchen, the Shining extractor would be the one. It is reminiscent of a curved bell shape and comes in a glossy copper colour which looks glamorous. The light and extractor combination over the stove top is nothing short of incredible to look at.

These marvellous and unique designs that the new kitchen extractor fans are taking is simply incredible. It changes the way you look at the everyday kitchen extractor fan and it feels like it takes you forward into the future right now. Kitchen designs are now changed forever with the incredible unique extractor designs that are coming forth.

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